H.E Governor Mai Mala at YBC Damaturu

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Key Issues in Gov. Buni’s Live YBC Phone-in Programme.

H.E Governor Mai Mala Buni was hosted by the Yobe Broadcasting Corporation (YBC) in a live phone-in programme as he clocked two years in office as the executive governor of Yobe State.

Anchored by Muhammad Garun Dole with the finesse of a professional, the programme offered an opportunity for the people of the state to hear from their governor directly, and also a chance for them to talk to him on issues that they care about.

As the fluent and effective public speaker that he is, Gov. Buni spoke in great detail about the major strides of his administration over the last two years in areas such as healthcare, education, road construction, water supply, and youth empowerment, amongst others, and made hunches for what he plans to do in the months and years to come.

One of the key take-aways from the governor’s radio interaction with the people was his determination to continue to prop up Yobe’s finances so that the state is able to pay its bills without having to sack workers because of the prevailing economic recession in the country. “We have no plan to sack workers because of current financial constraints”, he said.

Gov. Buni also spoke about the progress Yobe has made in the education sector – and specifically about how student performance has significantly improved in qualifying NECO and WAEC examinations.

That Yobe has advanced 14 places from previous years meant that the governor’s emergency measures in the education sector are steadily yielding the desired results.

Gov. Buni therefore assured that providing the best education possible for Yobe’s sons and daughters would remain front and center in the reminder of his first term in office and, insha Allah, through his second term as governor.

The governor also spoke about the massive housing project that his administration has embarked upon over the recent period. Across the 17 local government areas, thousands of new housing units are currently being built. The key take-away: Those houses would be largely allocated to people who haven’t been allocated government quarters before.

The Yobe State Government, Gov. Buni said, would also construct additional markets in more towns across the state to boost economic activity. Already, new markets worth several billions of naira are currently under construction in Damaturu, Potiskum, Gashu’a, and Nguru. The governor hinted that Garin Alkali, a vibrant cattle and grains market town, and Buni-Yadi would also have new markets built for them going forward.

Also related to this is the governor’s revelation that the Republic of South Korea and the Gulf State of Qatar are hugely interested in Yobe’s sesame following his recent meeting with those countries’ diplomats in Abuja.

That means that Yobe’s sesame farmers – and Yobe’s sesame is the best in the country by the way – will begin to see their fortunes improve as Yobe seals deals with these countries in the future.

Gov. Buni also said something that truly gladdens the hearts of his hosts at YBC. Having commended them for a terrific job and for turning around the AM and FM services of the Corporation, Gov. Buni assured YBC staff that more avenues of training and professional development would be opened for them so that they do even better in their jobs going forward.

The governor also revealed that he has approved a fresh N140 million for additional digitisation work at YBC so that people in all the nooks and crannies of the state are able to tune in to both the AM and FM services of the Corporation on their radio sets.

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