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Yobe State was created on 27th of August,1991. It covers an area of about 47,153Sq kilometers. It shares an international border with the Republic of Niger to the north. Within the country, it shares borders with Jigawa and Bauchi states to the west, Borno to the east as well as Gombe and Borno to the South.

It has a population of about 2.5Million, which comprises Manga, Kanuri, Fulani, Karai-karai, Bolewa, Bade, Ngizim, Ngamo, Babur, Maga, Hausa and several other ethnic groups from different parts of the country. The official language in the state is English, but Hausa, Kanuri and Fulani have gained wide acceptability. Most of the people are peasant farmers with quite a number engaged in livestock rearing/production, fishing and trading. The people are known for the world famous durbar and other rich cultures and traditions that find routes from their historical linkages with the Arab lands.

The state has 17 Local Government Area viz: Bade, Bursari, Damaturu, Fika, Fune, Gaidam, Gujba, Gulani, Jakusko, Karasuwa, Machina, Nangere, Nguru, Potiskum, Tarmuwa, Yunusari and Yusufari; and 14 Emirate Councils, namely:Fika, Bade, Damaturu, Machina, Gazargamo, Gujba, Nguru, Tikau, Pataskum, Yusufari, Gudi, Fune, Jajere and Ngelzarma. The state capital is Damaturu.

The State is richly endowed with mineral and agricultural resources. In the Mineral Sector, the State can boast of large quantities of gypsum, Kaolin, Limestone, from diatomite, granites, silica, potasium and Soda Ash. In the Agro-Allied Sector, the following agricultural products are grown in large quantities namely rice, wheat, maize, beans, cotton, corn, groundnut, Gum arabic and livestock. The State therefore has great potentials for the establishment of the following industries viz adhesive and pharmaceutical, cement, glass, plaster of Paris, soap, flour and feed mills, textiles, leather and meat processing etc.

Tourist attractions in the state include among others, the following; Dokshi spring water in Gulani, Dagona birds sanctuary in Bade, Old Gorgaram city in Jakusko, Birnin Gazargamo in Gaidam, Tulo-tulowa village in Yusufari, Old Daniski settlement and Goya valley in Fika, 8000 year old Dufuna canoe in Fune, Grave yard of past Emirs of Fika, wetlands and Bade fishing and cultural festival in Jakusko.